Wednesday, July 29, 2009


All right! I have een loving the coupons. I go to my mom's house with her super dupper printer/copier and print everything I can find and sort later. I love it. Mostly because it is FAST! My printer takes forever. I use to figure out where I can get the deals.

With tha said, in my life I do not have the time to go crazy and do all the mega deals that everyone is doing. I am sure the retailers are thankful. But I spent one day giving it a whirl, I had a babysitter and I went to CVS and Walgreens, Publix, Winn Dixie, and Wal-Mart. Aghhh, I felt like I was beat over with a baseball bat by the time I was done. And I had spent more than I usually would spend. I just can not get into the CVS and Walgreens deals. I admit the people that do, get some incrediable deals, but for the stuff you get and the time it takes, plus brain power, it just doesn't work out as a good deal FOR ME.

This week I kept it to Sam's Club, Target, Staples, Publix, and Winn-Dixie. Ohh, and the dollar tree. This is still a ton of stores. But I could not pass up Staples and target. Sooo! Got myself a sucker, oh I mean babysitter, I took off to:
Staples: has $1/2 Bic stationary packs and Staples has 25cent, limit 2 BIC mechanical pencils. So this was a freebie! I picked up a composition book too, I felt bad if the ashier had to give me money back, so all I paid was tax. $0.07
the target website coupons had $1 off of one smart ones frozen entree up until noon on MOnday. Well, this week they are selling at 5 for $9. So I had 2 coupons and got 2 entrees at $0.80 each. I regret not printing out more earlier. What I did findout is that the coupons are good for about 2 weeks after they are removed from the internet. So if it is something you are interested in, print out as many as you can.
On a side note, I was accused of coping them from the casher. At this part, I informed her that there is not a print limit and I was making separate transactions for each one, just as the coupon instructs.
Sam's Club:
I just stopped in to get my 3 gallons of milk at $2.38 a gallon, my salad mix $2.77, 3# bananas $1.46, and Potatoes 10# $5.36. While there, I was suckered!

The book section does me in all the time. I picked up a Leap Pad Phonics program with 10 books and the catridge for all for $25.46, it was originally $60. The box was all beat up, but everything inside was perfect. There was about 4 left.

Also they are now carrying BOB Books. Bob Books are a collection of easy to read little paper books that you start at book ne and progress. They are usually in a set of 5 boxes with about 9 books in each. The club has 3 special sets that are a condenced version of the 5 boxes. Each set is $10.64. So on my first visit, I picked up Box 1 with 18 books. #1, at almost 5 years old, was able to sound out every word of the story. Haha. They are a nice collection to our home library of our young readers.

Yes, half my bill was books. well, that is te nice part of being on a budget, I knew how to move $$ around to get the cool stuff.

Dollar Tree
I know I bet you are wondering, hmm, what did she get there. I was in a pinch and had no desire to figure out the best deal or subject myself to Wal-mart, so I went there and picked up little kid shampoo, baby wash, and a loaf of bread. Believe it or not I picked up Nature's Own Light Honey Wheat for $1. What a deal, sure it might be day -old bread, but it will be that in my house in a day or two anyway.

Now I did Publix and Winn-Dixie on Tuesday Morning, so I could get in before their sales ended.
Publix: again for $0.80/2 Go-gurts and they are BOGO for $2.60. So I picked up 6 boxes of 8 for $0.90 each. I thew them in the freezer for special treats. Also I got th rosted mini wheats BOGO at $4.19 and I had $1.50/2, so I got each box at $1.35 each for 18 ounces. My goal for cereal is to buy at 10 cents per ounce of less. Kraft dressing BOGO at $3.01, I had only one $1/1 coupon so I got 2 dressings at $1 each.

Absolutely nothin. I thought the bacon was on sale at $2 a package, but it was really the cooked bacon with 15 slices inside. NOt my thing.

So my conclusion on couponing, is that I am sticking to Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Walmart. I will adventure out for the really good deals on a deal to deal basis, cause this momma has no time for the little things here and there.

God Bless! Tell me about your shopping deals!

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