Monday, May 4, 2009

One small square foot in the house One huge step for trish kind!

So if you have had the pure joy and privelage of visiting my house, you will know that I have an overwhelming pride about my house. and an uncontrollable clutter problem. lurking clothes, toys, just plain old junk in every corner and creavise of my home. My house is a blend of hand made treasures made or refurnishd y my father. That I will truely never part with. I am also furnished by every moving garbage pile or someone is getting rid of, that neither me or my husband can part with. Thus, the 3 recliners on the back porch.

I endlessly hound my poor dear friends to come help me throw things away, it is just something that does not come naturally to me, nor does picking up after myself. WOW, true candid confessions of a horder.

Well I am in the midst of a change my friends, with the help of the almighty to change my heart. I do not need clutter in my life to make me happy. There I said, just keep repeating it Trish and it will be okay. "I DO NOT NEED CLUTTER TO BE HAPPY!" Ahh. Well if I did have less stuff, it would be easier for me to put my toys away. Ohh, if it would be easier to put my toys away, wow maybe it would be easier for my children to put their toys away. Hmm. I think I can do this.

Well a few excusses out their that I foundly hold dear is: 1) "I just don't know how to decorate it. So I really don't have a place to put it." 2) "Well my house was built in the '50s and there are these tiny little rooms and no closets and narrow openings, ahh it's making me crazy!" 3) "Well everything is so mismatched it will not work together, I have to wait until I can trade up for something better." 4) "Have you seen my husband? I can not find him. Ahh he has brought more home! Ohh, I have to do this first, before I can find a home for anything and he still has not done it." (currently, this is in reference to the frames I want hung. NO I cannot do it myself. I have concrete coated interior walls and I have already done a lot of damage with the hammer drill)

Alright enough with the excuses, they are making my head hurt and my feet when I step on MORE JUNK! So I tackled the smallest room in the house! My entryway, yes it is quite possibly smaller than my craft room. Measuring 54" by 46", yes folks I did say INCHES! But for a clutter bug like me, you have to start somewhere. Here is what it looks like so far.

1. painted the cave, I mean room, with leftover paint that I mixed. Peach and yellow. $0

2. Moved in the darling husband's beloved book shelve that we have had since college. It once was the mighty collection of our VHS collection with our ultra cool CDS. again $0.

3. NOw I had to start making designations on the shelves, otherwise like everything else in our house, the flat surface area will become another place to accumulate JUNK! I made a place for the library books. I don't want that to get mixed up in the house of junk. I took a flier board with a dry erase marker for quick notes. I put a couple of baskets from a garage sale and spray painted red. Baskets about $1, paint $0(left overs). Well I got the baskets there and then decided what to use them for, hmmm I could maybe ddd..d..d...dd.donate. Ahh it came out of my mouth. I could collect things by the door to mail. sounding good.

Well the major love my dh has for the book shelve is shoes. Yes, my dh love to stack shoes at the entry. Lovely. "come in, pleased to meet you. Oh no, we don't run an orphanage, these are just all our shoes" Well, the box please enter stage left. I went searching in the house for a box that would fit, to keep the kids shoes there. I am still in luck (for now) the shoes are small.

Here is my box. I used a diaper box and taped the lids up to give it more volume. I sprayed the front red, so that it would not show the diaper origins of the box through the fabric. Then I got my handy fabric glue out and voila!

Now the fabric cost me $2 a yard from walmart. I still have more so I could finish the box. BUT I am having some emotional reservations. I LOVE THIS FABRIC. Being a cheapo. I seen it and bought 1 yard to figure out how I wuld use it. Well I was going to make curtains. Went back and the whole bolt was gone! tears!!!! So this is all I have left and I am hording it. In three months, if nothing else is made, I might, maybe I will finish it.

Okay, with this done, maybe I will conquer the shoes today. Or paint a new wall. I do love how cheery it is. It feels clean.

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