Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A fresh start!

I am in a very reorganizing mood. Iwas even thinking of moving myblog, but instead I thinkI will be doing some reorganizing. I have been very busy reorganizing and learning new tricks to save money and do with less. I have made a few projects but just on an as needed basis. I have a few alterations I need to do, a little of this and that.

So here are some of the changes I am considering:

I am going to group all my crafts into one tab, so you can go straight there and get looking.

I am trying to shop 2 times a month or once, to try and reduce my cost at the store (i.e., no more impulse shopping). So I am always getting asked from friends how. So I am thinking about posting my menu on line. Also then I should also do a listing of my recipes. And my shopping list. Along with the good deals I can find.

Weww. That was a mouth full. Or keyboard full? So I am also trying to get things organized. I am starting #1 with homeschooling this September. So I am on a frantic goal to declutter by September 1st and get this house together like a well oiled clunker!

So at this point! I think I am reorganizing my focus with: crafting, budgets, menus, shopping deals, homeschooling, and some good free activities that is going on in SW florida.

Let me know what you think! Please. I want to be sharing with you, what I am learning and implementing and any ideas you have!

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