Thursday, April 30, 2009

My little lamb cake for Easter

I make this lamb cake every year for Easter.
I found the directions in a magazine. You make it with 2 pound cakes and a cup cake. Being ol' cheapo I am, I just make to loafs and a cup cake from a cake box mix.
You need: cake mix, frosting, coconut (optional), mini mashmellows, 2 large marshmellows, candy.

This is straight from the magazine on how to cut your loaves and put them together. Here is mine.

Then frost it, everywhere!
start putting all those mashmellows on!
I take one mashmellow and cut it in half placing the cut ends into some sprinkles. I used chocolate chips for the eyes and nose. The grass is coconut and green food coloring. The rest is just some candy for the mouth, bell, and colar. Last big marshmellow goes on for his tail.
This is my little tribute to the lamb of God.

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