Friday, December 19, 2008

Walmart Frabric department attacked me!!!

Well maybe walmart did not really attack me but it felt like it, or more like twell, cotton, polyester, and blended fabric.

Well if you have not heard, walmart is doing away with the fabric department, one store at a time. ANd if you wait long enough, it gets marked down to 75% off!

Yes, yes this is were I had problems. Blew the budget. $107!!!!!!!! I only had $27 in my cash only responsible wallet. WHat is a girl to do!!! It is fabric!!! Thank full I found a cash stash for craftin emergancies like this and in the next few weeks, I will be rebuilding my stash.

so here is my LOOT!!!

I see pretty layered toottos (spelling on that, no idea) for the girls. Maybe even one for mommy. Of course I will only be wearing them to a crop in my Jammies. We have to be realistic, I do have my limits.

Alright, I really only went to the store for the red gingham. But look at all that goodness.

The piles, the glorious piles. Anything that was a solid print I took the rest of the bult or I got 4 yards. Solids are always great to have on hand.

Aren't these pretty. My funny shaped body has been desperate for me to make my own clothes. So I have no patterns yet, but I got a great slew of cordinating patterns for about $1.25 a yard. WOW! Look out church ladies! I will be looking nice. I hope to start on my first outfit by February!

Here is my inspiration! I hope to make a few of these for myself and a few others. I am all about the swap ladies. I grabbed this from
I will post them, As I create them. So start thinking of what you have good to trade. I would love to make a few of them.

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