Friday, December 19, 2008

My WOW book - instructions

Here is a gift for a wedding. I am showing it off and then down below, I show how I constructed it! Enjoy!


Here is my WOW Book that I am giving as a gift. This is not my own idea, but a version of something I cased. At first I was overwhelmed with what seemed to be the complexity of it. BUT there is a trick: 1 simply scrappin kit from Stampin' Up! makes 2 of these books.

So here is the step by step pics as I put the frame of it together.

1. Split the kit in half. There will be duplicates of the stickers and paper. Some paper may only have 1 sheet or an odd number, I just split those sheets into a 6X12".

2. Cut 3 - 6x12" paper: 1 for the over and 2 for the internal pages. Then Score at the 3" and 9", then fold.

3. Now place the inside page at the 9" fold to the 3" fold at the cover and bind, repeat on the otherside with the inside page 3" fold with the 9" fold on the cover. Now I have bond with glue, that I later had to reinforce. This time I used embrodiery thread. I think a stapler would work the best.

4. Then insert the ribbon, so it can be tied shut.

5. Then add covers to make from and back 6X6"

Now this is why I love the simply scrappin'. From here I would not know where to go, but since I have the kit, I just start decorating. My goal is to use the entire half of the kit to make the mini album. So hre are more pics of it!

I hope you liked it.

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  1. This beautiful album along with the tutorial deserves a comment!! Very nice job, love your choice of colors! Thank you for the tutorial. I'll bookmark the post and put it into my ever-growing list of project ideas! (Someday I'm going to make them all... yeah, right!) Thanks for sharing!