Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mega BUY!! The NEW YourSTory

Totally Hiped! I have been thinking about buying a laminator for different odd projects. Well then Cricut has been promoting the new PROVO yourstory. It is a laminator and book maker. As part of that promoting, they have a rebate if you buy one at AC MOORE or Walmart.

Well it is being sold for $99.99 and it comes with the machine (oh it is pretty, with pretty swirls on it), laminator sheets, 2 album covers, and predesigned pages. Now besides laminating, you can create your own books using the heat binder on the machine. This is a home alternative to those expensive books you order for $20-$50 from walmart, Walgreens, etc.

Now I have to get it for a deal! So here is how I did it!
AC MOORE priced at $99.99
Brought my AC MOORE %50 off coupon and got it for $52.97 with tax!

Here is the coupon, good until 12/20/08:

Signed onto and sent in rebate for $5.95
The rebate gives me 2 more albums, a free download of the paper kit desins that came with it, & $100 in cricut money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the cricut products are more expensive online versus getting them on sale. BUT! I am spending $60, I am getting my laminator, the ability to make books with the supplies for 4!, and a free cricut cartridge.

I think I am doing just fine! With my value. I can't wait to make my first book. Hopefully tomorrow. I will show you when it is done.

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  1. Thanks...I found the board at TJ Maxx, Here in Va, you might want to try there, who knows they might have them. Thanks for showing this one it seems better, now if it was a bind it all too I'd be ecstatic.