Monday, December 22, 2008

This Weeks menu and Groceries! - just for you Tracy!

Alright, I started by taking inventory of the kitchen and the loot I got this month from Angel Foods. Then I looked at the weekly adds. Not a lot jumped out. So this was the menu I came up with:
Breakfast: assortment of cereals (got the other week for about a $1 a box), 1/2 doz donuts ($2), and 1 box of pop-tarts (wal-mart brand)
Lunch: Sandwiches, soup, left-overs, chips

Dinner Menu:
Monday: Chicken & Dumplins with Collards - Collards in pantry, Margaret Holmes heat-n-serve $1 can, chicken from Angel Food box

Tuesday: Chili dogs and Mac-n-Cheese - hot dogs & Mac (angel food), chili sauce ($0.42/can), Cheese had from last week, hot dog buns (day old bread store)

Wednesday - Christmas Eve: Order in Cearaba's large party order - Chicken Marsela, Mash potatoes for 12 servings, plus the bread and oil for $100 w/o tax - right now you can get a free $20 gift card for purchasing a $100 gift card. I have 3 Caesar salad mixes & green beans.

Thursday - christmas Day - Family's house - I bring a cake and we get to take home left-overs.

Friday - Spaghetti with Texas Garlic Toast

Saturday- Left overs

Sunday - Roast with vegetables and rice ( all from angel food box)

Walmart: $ 81.46
Gas: $19.96
Target: $39.59
Flowers Bread Store: $3.47
Sams; $10.43

This week total: $144.95
Bunk bed Fund: +$5.05 increase
I allot $25 for gas each week, although I am not spending it, I am letting it accumulate(I think cheap gas is not forever)


  1. Thanks, I tried my budget this week I'm over by $400.00 and it's only Sat. I guess you need to HELP me!!!! I'll start over on Monday....

  2. Stick to your list! Be realistic on your list.
    1. Figure out how much you have to spend.
    2. Make a list!
    3. Prioritize your list!
    4. Take your calculator with you!
    5. If you are buying things that are not on your list, write it on your list and why!
    6. Get home and draft a list for next week that you can edit. - this will help you from having surprises at the store.
    7. Try keeping a running list of things you will need soon, but is not a weekly purchase (i.e., garbae bags, dishwashing detergent, laundry, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) This way you can keep an eye out for coupons and sales, please use these tools together, it is more effective this way.