Friday, May 24, 2013

FPEA convention - day one

How exciting!
We made it to Orlando for the kids first homeschool convention.  It was a crazy day just getting here, but we are happy to be here.  Now the work of getting ready, left me procrastinating up until last night.  About 8pm after the kids were in bed, I began the 2 week chore of laundry, so we would have clothes to wear.  I spent most the morning packing and sewing.

Now I hate to admit it, but I was sewing even after I packed.  I just needed a few things like a couple of bibs, swimming cover, and a nursing shawl.  I can't wait to tell you all about the things I have been sewing.  

Amongst the chaos of the morning, the monkey found the chocolate at the top of the fridge again.

Once the monkey and the sweet potato were delivered to their destinations, our journey began. Have to say, just having the three was a dream for the ride.  No fighting, arguing.  We stopped for lunch at a lovely spot that was NOT fast food. Found our hotel.  Grab some water and checked in at the convention.

We immediately hit the exhibit hall.  I really hadn't given much thought to taking the kids to the hall. Well I took them.  We had a blast, so much that we had no idea that it had been 3 hours and it was past our bed time.

Here are a few pictures from tonight.  I have so much to show you.  I have got to get my video working again.

At booth.

Enjoying the splendors at

Making new friends along the way.

The awesome part about having the kids in the exhibit hall, was that I could see what made them tick, when given the choice.  My kids were drawn to games and science and hands on. I have already managed to spend a bit on a few new additions.  dr. Drew's Toys got the kids happy enough that I could stop myself from the purchase.  More on that later.  Then they fell in love with a mountain of chess games and strategies.

My kids are so funny.  I told them that they would have a blast tomorrow at the children's program and they were in shock that they could have more fun at the program than the exhibit hall. So we are already knee deep in awesome.

We were beat, by the time we got to the hotel around 11pm.  I am sure glad my husband isn't here, he would have flipped a lid.  I am thankful for a little sushi and a salad.  You have got to love publix.

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