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2013 - 2014 homeschool curricula

We haven't finished our year yet, but I am so excited about things for next year.  Of course, I just got the bill for my purchases and  for the FPEA Convention and it does make me know that our year is about done.  I do not plan to actually begin this curriculum until September.   But I am so excited about it!

3rd grader - Worm

LIFEPAC® 3rd Grade 5-Subject SetShe is a strong reader, self driven that can manage herself, if give the tools. She will be by far the easiest, as long as her confidence grows in math. Thankfully lifepac is working nicely in this. I choose to give her art, mostly for something fun. I still want her to enjoy and around here a free for all on go make something doesn't always work. We need a bit of direction.

LIFEPAC Core Grade 3 (Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and History)

Horizon Penmanship 3                                       Horizon Health 3                          A Beka art 3
Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Student BookHorizons 3rd Grade Health Student Book104795

2nd Grader - Rooster

He is something else. I sometimes worry about him, especially when I use my keeping up with these jones homeschool family comparison. He has little confidence in reading, would skip out on school completely. Can do math like nobody's business. Where is the analytical test, he would ace it. Thankfully met another homeschooled boy his age and quickly realized it is just a season and boys just do this.

Now I am using a reason for handwriting because I got it free and liked it. I have horizon handwriting 2, but it seems too advanced for him and it doesn't show the lines on how to write letters. We have a hard time with Rooster holding the pencil right and starting from the bottom. Thankfully we can reference with Logic of English.
I was going to do the same health as the worm , but after reviewing the scope, I realized he needs to do grade 2.

LIFEPAC Core Grade 2 (Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and History)

A Reason for Handwriting A              Horizon Health 2                 A Beka arts and crafts 2
Reason For Handwriting Gr 1 Manuscript AHorizons 2nd Grade Health Teacher's Guide  95834

Kindergarten - Sweet Potato

This little one is fascinating. Taught herself to ride a bike and is working on it for reading too. She is itching to do her school work everyday. I love the rod and staff abc books. I am using them with her as unassisted busy work. I hate to assign it, but otherwise she will constantly disrupt me, asking for work. I got the art and handwriting. Like the lifepac for her ma
Rod and Staff - ABCDEFG books
Preschool - Set of 7 ABC Series + GHIJ

LIFEPAC Kindergarten 2-Subject Set

A REason for Handwriting - K                                A Beka Art - k
A Reason For Handwriting: Kindergarten--Student Worktext   -     
        By: Carol Ann Retzer

K3 - Monkey
Rod and Staff for 3                                    Horizon K3 set         ABeka lamb arts for 3 year olds
Set of 4 Preschool Activity WorkbooksHorizons Preschool for Three’s Curriculum Set168351

(Of course my little kernel will continue to enjoy being a baby)

Together we will be doing:
I most excited about the astronomy!  I think that is because I bought our first telescope.  (we just went camping and found the best place to look at stars.)  We will all do this together.  I plan to dig and enjoy in this study.
Exploring Creation: Astronomy                            Story of the World Vol. 1
Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Textbook   -     
        By: Jeannie Fulbright
The Story of the World, Vol. 1 (Ancient Times) [Revised Edition] - Paperback

The story of the world will be treated as read aloud time with activities.  I love the stories and the activities.  I am steering away from the notebooking and book work because, I don't want to miss the fun of history, not the work of it.

Horizon PE gr k-2
Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education

At homeschool coop, we will be doing a geography and cultures study with Christian missionaries as our focus.  This should be super exciting.

For our family, enrichment is a time to catch up, read, and play with cool educational games.  i am making a list to help them from getting bored or really keep me from handing out the same stuff everyday.  I am still making a list, but so far I have.
Computer based piano instruction

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