Saturday, April 13, 2013

sometimes Daddy's Just Don't Know

I am so thankful for my husband doing the shopping. With our newest arrival at 3 months and the finishing of a school year quickly coming up, getting out of my house has turned into a task that does not happen. I am just busy within these walls.

Well, with daddy doing the shopping, I am also allowing him to make the decisions on when and where to put it at, since this tiny house sometimes becomes a game of tertris when putting groceries away. Well, I think daddy has a hard time grasping that our Monkey who will be 3 next month has not yet grasped self control.

A little later, I found the ruminants of her work. I have to laugh, he had just given the rules on when and what was allowed for these granola goodnesses that we are rarely treated with.


  1. Sorry for your pain!!!! But that little one cracks me up!!!
    Love ya Trish!!!

  2. I understand what you're going through. Our 2.5 year will do the same thing with bananas! We do love those chewy goodness too! Good luck!