Monday, October 18, 2010

Digital Hybrid – Christmas Planner

Alright, I am trying to challenge myself to think outside the box with my digital program!  So I was sifting through the web and cam across a lot of sites gearing up for an organized Christmas.  Now in years past, I had promised myself I would make one for me, well after the house went hushed last night.  I designed one on my digital storybook creator and then this morning I put it all together.

It is so nice being able to lay it out in the storybook creator and then print, cut and glue!  And I get to easily share it with you!  So here is my planner!


So I am using a brand new creative memories digital kit.  It is the Very Merry Digital Kit and is only $8.95 to download.  The kit comes with all this!

So In the first 2 pockets I have my to do list for each month and then lined paper to track my gifts.


Next pockets is for any cooking and then another to keep track of cards sent and received.


When I put the planner together, I had to use 2 pieces of 12 by 12 aqnd I ended up with a pocket at the back.  Then I realized how perfect.  I sealed an envelope and trimmed it to fit and added a tab and it became my receipt holder!DSC07531 DSC07532 


See it is sturdy enough to stand up on its own!



So to make this all wonderful for you!  I have the files here for you to be able to make your own!  If you love the content!  Buy the digital package.  I got the calendar and the lined portion of the paper from the freebie blog by Creative Memories.  Have fun!  If you are part of my midnight PJ party crew.  Print these out and bring 2 12 by 12 cardstock, you cuter, and adhesive and we will make these Friday night.

planner print - Page 001 planner print - Page 002 planner print - Page 003 planner print - Page 004 planner print - Page 005 planner print - Page 006

Now click on them to enlarge them, then save them as a picture.  Print out on standard letter.  Make sure your printer ink is filled, I printed mine out the first time at the end of my color ink cartridge.  If you make yours, send me links so I can take a look!




  1. Trish, that is so cute. Why don't you do that as a class at H2U? XO, Mimi

  2. Trish, so cool! I'm with should do this at H2U!! I would sign-up!, Sherrill

  3. What a very cool digi hybrid project. I love it. Thank you for sharing! :)