Monday, October 11, 2010

Decorating for fall


So I used to love to get in the spirit of the season and go crazy decorating.  Well, with 4 kids so young, I find it hard to get the energy to cook dinner, much less decorating for a party or holiday.  So my house is the one that looks the same day after day inside and out, except for a Christmas tree in December and the grass continually growing and getting cut.


My inner self that constantly thinks and wishes for an altered life as I move constantly through this one, invisions a home decorated for the seasons with cool decor that is not found in a store.  I imagine all the cool ways to make these things.  And when I get the moment to sneak away to make something, I am clueless on what to do.  Well let me tell you!  These are so cool, and then I realized they are wine glasses!  Ahh, I can probably buy them for less than a dollar a piece.  If I get a chance, I am picking some up to make.


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  1. Oh I love this!!!! What a great idea