Thursday, September 23, 2010


I really hate that I need to give you a ketchup post!  Or catch up!  I can not figure out where the days go!  They fly by and I am whooped after wards and the day is not even over!

So the kids!  Kids are good!

#1 is loving school!  She is learning her sight words and loves the social of school. I make her lunch every bento style.  I have taken a few pictures.DSC07120 But not like I was.  I am still picking up cool containers, between the dollar Tree and Marshalls.

#2 is speaking a lot better with his speech class 2 times a week.  He seems to have really calmed down and his tantrums have almost ceased.  I am almost astonished by it.  He gets to be in a class with mostly boys.  Since he is surrounded by girls at home, this is great!

#3 is showing her true 2 yr old colors.  I am realizing there is a lot she does just to aggravate the other 2.  She is quiet, until they are in the car, and then she will sing and chatter nonsense just to talk over them.  Trouble!  She is calmer though.

#4 is growing!

DSC07110 This is #3 and #4!

Me.  Hmm, the dreaded 4 letter word, BUSY!  I run all day long and drop of exhaustion.  I started selling stamps again and love the fact that I am getting out and about because of it.  I am also cooking at church for Awanas. I am barely sewing.  I am planning a birthday party.  I am planning a scrapbook crop to benefit the children camp this summer.  I am raising money for another youth group this weekend and then a relay for life and Susan G Anthony.  So I am busy. Yuk!  I feel like all I do is drive around and hardly have a moment to sit.

I am a bit bewildered by it all.  I knew that this would happen, if they went to school.  I do not want to rush the days by, but I look forward to only making a trip to one school instead of 2.

I am also studying to get licensed for my professional engineering license.  Yuk! 

I am ready for fall!  Fall will be beautiful and fast.  It will be filled with a party!  A Festival!  Costumes! The Woods!  Hunting!  Mud!  A Turkey to cook!  And the breeze that makes everything calm.  A Garden!  Oh I love Fall!

I know it is right at the door and we will be in the thick of fall!  I have so much to do before then, so I can really enjoy it!

Costumes: I am thinkin the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf!  You guess who the wolf will be!  The BOY of course!

See you soon!

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