Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The hooks I love!




I love these hooks!  I love how easy it is to put them up and be able to hang things out of the way so easily.  One of the

reasons I love them, is that my walls within my house are concrete.  I am not just talking concrete blocks, I am also talking concrete coated.  So to hang ANYTHING! I need a hammer drill and a 20 page commitment contract with my husband that I really want a hole there and that I will keep something hanging.  Because those holes are not easily patched.  But having these hooks makes a huge difference. A double pack of hooks this size cost me about $4.  I also get smaller ones for hanging garland in the house.  I have even thought to use them for clothes line affect with the kids master pieces.

I am really impressed that they can hold a lot of weight.  My purse typically has a wallet, calendar, and camera; along with all the other stuff that attracts in it.  I have no fear that it will stay up.


So this is an option, especially if you do not want to wait on the hubby to hang something.  (Mine has intentionally hid the hammer drill on me)



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