Saturday, June 5, 2010

Menu planning for a healthy marriage

This is my first time, but I am so impressed with this post that I need to send you there.  Maybe it is a cop-out for writing my own post with the new baby, but i agree with it and I couldn’t have delivered it better.

Husband on Wife-Imposed Rice Diet

I had to laugh as I read this article thinking of of a true diet of Rice and vegetables, I considered the wife very self-centered and almost intentionally pushing him away, without ever considering the sense of intimacy connected. Hmm.


Well That is all I really want to say.  Please enjoy reading it and comment back to me.  Then I will put my 2 cents in.



  1. I know my husband would not be happy about no meat and neither would I! I cut back our meat consumption about 6 months ago and have not missed it. When I do buy it, I buy only chicken and beef that have been raised without antibiotics, hormones, and all that other crap.

  2. I read this 3 times. I have to say that I feel sorry for Matt. He hasn't even had "rice" for dinner lately. If I don't get my ass in gear I am afraid that he will end up "eating at cinnabon" :(


  3. Well start off serving rice in the least! I personally think of myself as a cinnabon, big and round and sweet in the middle for my husband. I think the hard part is that "it" is effort for us wives, when we are so exhausted from all our efforts. AND there is a part as women we need to mentally be put into the mood, where a husband just has to be asked. Sometimes husbands can be to blame for not even being at the dinner table for us to even pull the pans out to start cooking. It can be a very dangerous situation to get this started in a marrage.