Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At home with the newest.


I have a very timely baby!  #4 is the first to arrive on her due date.  She did get a little help, as I said earlier I was having pre-labor for a couple of weeks.  Sunday, I started with contractions off and on at 8:30 in the morning and were irregular for the entire day.  Our Mother’s day show was everyone pointing to, “look YOUR contracting”.

Well, went to bed and woke up with stronger contractions every 20 minutes at 12:15 am on Monday.  I had had enough. It hurt and I was not going to be able to go to sleep, so I figured it was time to go and see what was going on.  So we went.  Got there at 3:15 am and found out I was more like 7-8 minutes apart, I just was not feeling them.  Well, things got better with 3-7 minutes apart.  Then a little nap and everything stopped. Ah, this has been my past 2 weeks.  I did progress from 2 cm to 3 cm.

Thankfully, I was scheduled to be induced the following morning.  The Doctor decided to just induce me on Monday, since I was already there.  I was a bit bummed. 

I have been induced for #2 and #3 and HAD to have an epidural with both.  And both times, the epidural did not work perfectly.  #2 required being punctured twice to get it set.  The labor and delivery was enjoyable, but the aftermath was horrible.  I had migraines for about 5 days.  #3’s epidural only worked for my left side of my body and not the other.  So I felt everything!  My husband and I both desired for me not to have another epidural for fear of the dangers and it not being a great success yet.

The induction followed much like the last one; quick, fast and amazingly painful!  Within 3 hours it was done.  I ended up with contractions about 1-2 minutes apart with each contraction opening me another cm.  literally, I went 5 cm, contraction, 6 cm, contraction, 7 cm, contraction, 8cm, contraction, 9cm, contraction, 10 cm.  All of this 2 minutes apart, with no time to relax from the pain.  BECAUSE although I really needed the drugs, I had absolutely no time!  I even asked at 4 cm.  When I hit 10 cm, she was out in 3 minutes. 

WOW!  That was painful!  I mean, I am glad I can join the women of strength who have done it with out drugs, but man, it kind of scared me mentally.  I stand firm that every woman is made as God has intended her to be.  Some of us are blessed for birth, some for pregnancy, and some for none of it.  Well, I am not blessed with the ability to handle pain.   But thankfully, I survived and felt incredibly great within 15-30 minutes.

#4 came out on her due date at 8 lbs and perfect.  I am quickly recovering, even though I am getting the full experience of the forceful cramping of my uterus, her previous home, to shrink.  But besides that We are doing great!  AND HERE SHE IS!




  1. OMGoodness, she is so beautiful! I am glad to hear that you are healing normally. Can't wait to get to see her IRL. XO, Mimi

  2. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!!

  3. YEAH I found you!!! Love the blog! It was wonderful meeting you at Kellys Shower! :) I told my hubbs that you inspired me to really hunker down on our budget and that if you can do it with a family of 6, then we can do it with a family of 4!!!
    Congrats on your new addition, she was such a cutie (and quiet) yesterday!!