Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Ready!

I have been a little missing, but I have been very busy.  At 34 weeks, I woke up having contractions.  Well, this was just what I needed to get things in order.  I am happy to say that the contractions have stopped.  As I was cleaning and washing all the little things that go with a baby, I was struck at the preciousness of her clothes on the line and could not help but share it with you.
This past week has been an absolute blessing for my heart and mind.  #1 had a week off from Pre-K and we were able to feel like we were in our old routine again.  By the end of the week, my longtime passion and desire to homeschool my children had returned.  I have so many reasons to want to, in the beginning it was a large desire to shelter my children until they have grown mature enough to handle the day to day influences that are not always favorable for their moral and character.
Now I have come to understand, that I desire the calmness that comes with not being demanded to be everywhere with everyone, multiple times a day.  The fun and excitement from exploring the things around the house and within our community.  The peace and connection that stays within my young children to be together, through kicking and biting and laughing and playing.
So for the past week, I have been reading and reading, exploring and putting my house in order.  I have found some wonderful thrifty, homemade sites that I can not wait to share with you as I begin newborning again.  We will be back to clothe diapering soon.  I am excited to be back, although a little daunting, it frees up so much money in the budget.  I have found a few website to make diaper covers and I am excited to give them a try.
I am in the countdown of 5 weeks to the due date and by then I should get to go back to my “old self” with energy to do the things I love to do in this home.  So be prepared for a bit more sewing, less bentos (Pre-K ends in 13 days), a lot about baby, and a journal of our homeschooling journey. 
Also, I have been having a wonderful time digital scrapbooking.  I have made a few templates to share with you.  I am also excited that my friend, Tracy Croy, will be starting a digital scrapbook club. 
Have a blessed day!

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