Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fridge Service call

My husband, bless his heart, had the best laugh at me about a year back.  My fridge was not keeping cold, but my freezer was working fine.  So, I called the service man to come have a look.  Now, my hopes were that I would be getting a “New to Me” huge fridge!  Well through his inspection of my fridge, he informs me that I am not allowing the vents to work because of all the “STUFF” in ziplock bags up against them. 

Well, news to me!  I had no idea that my fridge was cooled by the freezer venting into the fridge.  Oh, my husband rolled laughing that I had to have a service man tell me that I had too much “stuff” in the freezer and how to pack my fridge.  My husband swore by all means, this was a lack in my domestic upbringing!

The only one who ever used their freezer growing up was my Step-mom.  And Dad did have stories about how the last 2 feet at the bottom was no-mans land.  I did not give it much thought until I went to visit and opened her freezer.


So I believe using every cubic inch of the freezer is a learned behavior!


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