Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bento #8


I did not miss yesterday.  Homegirl was not feel well, so she stayed home.  Today, she got left-overs and eat everything, but half of her corn pancakes.

So it was carrots from the garden and tomatoes with a side of ranch dressing.  I used a separate container with a lid, to keep the mess down.  She requested a toothpick for her to use to dip her tomatoes in the dressing.  Apparently, she is not willing to get her fingertips in the dressing with the tomatoes.  She also got some mandarin oranges and 2 gummy worms.  The left-overs was sliced chicken and 1 large corn fritter pancake topped with strawberry jam.

I made the corn fritters with Jiffy cornbread mix, made as instructed, with frozen whole kernel corn.  Then I poured them out like pancakes.

Everything in the box may look a little cramp, but this is actually a smaller box than usual.  So I had to do a bit of stacking within the box.  It is not as eye pleasing as I like.  And it was only possible to put one cup inside and it was on top of other things.

Tomorrow is pizza.  I pulled out 3 pizzas from the freezer that I made last week.  I am running into a small problem, one has already hopped away to hide in my sons tummy.  That bunny pizza was mostly, so I am in deep curiosity how he got it down.  So I had to go back to the stash of frozen bunnies for another one.  I also had to hide them.   The little home made pizza made from the walmart dough $0.47, tomato sauce and cheese are my children’s favorite.  It amazes me.  I think I could make these in mass quantity and freeze for last minute lunches.

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