Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bargain Garage saling


I think my husband is wearing on me.  He is the trash picker in the family and he has an uncontrollable need to bring improbable useful things home that he turns into a something useful.  I have read a few books about learning to control clutter and the one thing I learned is that most clutter problems is the result of people attaching a sense of usefulness in each object, thus, nothing is worthy to be  disposed of. 

Well, on the way to take #1 to school, there sitting on the side of the road was this perfect specimen.  Just this weekend that home had a garage sale and the unwanted was placed at the curb.  What an amazing piece to be tossed.  SO after I did my morning requirements, I went to rescue this treasure.  Now, you might be wonder, WHAT?  With the tears in the fabric, you might even notice the fading or even the complete out of date style.  Let me promise you, it is worst than that.  It has an evident stale smokes cough lingering within it.

So what is the greatness of this chair? Good bones!  This chair is the definition of comfort and efficiency.  The chair is a small chair that sits lower to the ground than most.  It also swivels and rocks.  Oh, it so comfy that I haven’t even minded smelling a bit like a stale cig afterwards.  Now, my tolerance on a stinky cig is not in within my tolerance level.  So it is getting a breathing treatment on the porch.  Once I get the stink out, I am going to make a cute slip cover and replace my glider in the living room with it.

Oh, for the important part of this side of the road find.  I did pay for it.  It is my new $2 chair.  I knocked on the door before loading and offered $2 , even though it was sitting on the curb side.  So I was not picking garbage, just bargain garage sale discounts.

So be prepared, after the stink is gone, I will be showing off my new bargain find.

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