Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Digital Scrapbooking!

I am not sure what I love most, being able to scrapbook as I flip pancakes, thanks to digital scrapbooking or getting free content for it.   I just learned the exciting part of the Story Book creator!  I can take my favorite non-Creative Memory paper that I have been hording away for year, for fear of ruining it, and scan it into my digital content.


So here is a page I made using my scanned paper.

2009 - Deb's Wedding - Page 002

Not only can you add to you content by scanning in your personal stock of paper, you can even download it from Creative Memories.  Now, this is not in the shopping section of the website, this is special!  I just happened to stumble on it.  Look how cool some of the embellishments are:

6a00e54f77ee1388340120a8770cf6970b-800wi Now you can just copy and save as from this picture and add it into your content OR you can hit this site and go through each posting to get a lot of nice and FREE embellishments.

I must say!  I am lovin’ it! I am having a Cricut swarm Weekend!  So I did go digital there and did spend some of my time scanning paper, but hey, why not.  I got another book done and did a great page for my neighbor.  I am happy!  I just wish we had internet connection there.  Well another day of digital!

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