Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mexican Week for dinner

I am bored!  Nothing sounds great to eat, I just want something fresh and taste!  I am tired of my bulk comfort food.  I am not saying comfort food has to be boring, I just have managed to make it that way.  I just have gotten a little lazy in my cooking from scratch.  So I needed inspiration and I got it.  I have been watching Rick Bayless, Mexico: One plate at a Time on the Create Chanel. (Alright, my frugal friends, this is not a cable channel, it is a free PBS channel; thanks to the wonders of the digital converter box.)

You can find him here:
Rick Bayless

So I went to the library, yes, I am too impatient and cheap to buy the book.  I am a want it now, kinds of gal.  I grabbed the only book they had on the shelf (did I tell you I have been druelling when I watch his show?) and went home to make THE LIST.  I am very excited about have the simple pleasure of allowing fresh food to intoxicate my taste buds once again.  It seems this whole motherhood bit has caused me to get a bit lazy in my preparation and menu planing for food.  So here is the cookbook I got.

I sat down with it and went over each recipes and the ingredients that it requires.  I did omit the fishes, mostly because it is not in my budget to buy and I am unsure what the cost would be to take on this taste adventure.  I omited the salad dressings, mostly because I have a fridge full of them.   I looked for easy to prepare food that could be appealing for my family.  So I made my menu out for the week.  Yes!  I am making a week of mexican food, but why not, I got the book, lets put it to some use.  Besides, like a typical 12 year old would say, I ammmmm sooooo bored! with my food.  Atleast this week it is about to be different.

So a shopping I will go, hi ho the grocery store a shopping I will go.

Here is my loot, notice all those fresh produce.  The advantage in living in Southern Florida, and I am not talking about Miami, south of Tampa, is that i got all of this from either my produce man or Wal-mart.  I was concerned about what this would cost me and I was happily surprised.  I spent $45 at walmart and also purchased the typical white bread america, cookies, pudding, pop tarts, orange juice concentrate, etc.; of course all store brand.

Now my produce man is amazing!  I hope everyone has the oppurtunity to get to a produce man like this.  His name is Pablo and he is set up in Fort Ogden, I purchased the following produce from him today for a total of $14.  This is the Tamotallios, cilantro, tomatoes, zuchinni.  I did get a bit excited about all this freshness and the exotic adventure we were going to have at dinner this week, I had to add some plantains, mango, limes, and a small assortment of chiles.

So my first adventure is tonight.  I am making the Quick Seared Poblano Beef Tips, kinda.   The beef tips is a beef and chiles with onions and potatoes in a hearty sauce.  I would consider this a full meal that geninely does not need side dishes. 

The kinda is the fact that I have made some alterations to the ingredients because of availability.  I am subbing the beef tips for Venison, because that is what I have.  I am Subing the Pablano for another mild large pepper, since I was a week late at the produce stand.  I am also adding bok choy to the meal to give it a full meal feeling, mostly to my husband.  (He needs to see a green vegetable with a starch)

I will let you know how this goes!

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