Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweating it through the steps.

Alright, not the best title. But I am in hopes when the now occurring morning sickness that has shown its ugly face, that I can get a little walking in. At the 9 week mark, I offically gained 4 pounds. I hate to post this, but I will to keep this honest. I am a big girl, even when I am a size 2. Okay, I was never a size 2. Well, here is the special number, I was 165 lbs when I got pregnant. Now I am at 169 lbs at 9 weeks.

Like a sicko, I know the weight I was at most of all the important times in my life. You ready, I am going to share my deepest know facts to the world.
Met my husband, 182lbs
got engaged, 172lbs
wedding day, 145lbs (10 mos later)
went to work, 150 lbs
Got prego with #1, 160 lbs
delivered #1, 222 lbs
got prego #2, 180 lbs
delivered #2, 212 lbs (wehew! less than #1)
got prego with #3, 160 lbs
deliver #3, 192 lbs
prego with #4, 165 lbs

ahhh, there are all my numbers. Yuk. Can you say, I can gain it and lose it. So I do have a technique for losing it quickly after delivery. I walk. I walk about 4 miles, 3 times a day from the moment I get permission from the doc until 14-16 weeks old. This is the time your body is in natural shed mood. Use it.

So I learned this after #2. Did not use it for #3, because well, could not afford the $900 for a 3 passanger stroller. And I have them so close, everyone was with us everyday. So I lost the weight so much slower after this last one. I did blame it on being over 30!

I have made up my mind and a pack. I will have all this weight off by the time #4 is 1, not only that, I want to be at a healthy lifetime weight by then. So my goal, to only gain 25 lbs or less. I will not eat unhealthy or starve my pregnancy. I am going to start walking after this trimester.

I am a walker and man I can put the distance in. I have done a hat full of 5ks, a 15k, & half marathon. The 15k was 3 months after #3. No I am not a sicko or superwomen. I was passed by 3 pregos and I cried through the pain to finish. I finished walking, not running. I am too dumb and proud to stop.

So here is my gift to you. This website will let you have an aerial map anywhere in US and you can track your route and count the miles. This is how I knew that I was going 4 miles at a time.

Remember safety, do not be preddictable, i.e., don't let the preditors be able to preddict your next workout, change it up. Go with a friend if you can. Have lighting and be noticeable. Walk against traffic, so you can see them a jump out of the way, if needed. Let someone know where you are going, i.e., print out several routes and post the one you are using on the fridge.

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