Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 weeks and counting

Well it is time to share the news. I have been missing in action, because I have been spending quality time with my couch at naptime, instead of making or blogging. No, I have not gotten lazy or am in the midst of depression! I am totally prego with #4.

I did not want to announce until I have been to the Dr. I am about 9 weeks and I am due on May 10th. We are really excited, but I think the kids are more. They were wanting twins and I am so releaved that twins are not in God's plan for me. So being on #4, here are a few thoughts to take into account if you have 4 pregnancies in 5 years.

1. I already look 5 months pregnant. So at first, this can be very depressing, I looked dressed and ready for the role of Santa and yet, the baby is only an inch long and the size of a grape. So with all honesty, I know that pudge is just pudge!

However, this happened last time. I blimp up in the first 8 weeks and then it moves to the belly at week 9. I think my husband was getting worried and considered sending me to the prego fat farm. From here the belly will stay put and not grow for the next 4 months and then it will change shape and drop a little as we get through the pregnancy and at the end I will look tiny.

I just have to endure everyone asking "ARE THERE TWINS IN THERE, THEN WHY ARE YOU SO BIG!" And I just show them my other lovely children under 5.

2. I am exhausted. Live with it. Nothing is getting done. I am older than last time. Thank you Lord for letting my children still nap. Alright being older, I will be blaming this on age.

I am napping from 12:30 to 5:30 pm almost everyday and look out if I missed that nap, I am not someone you want to be around or tick off. I might wake up at 4pm but I will not become coherant for another hour or so. The world will spin if I stand up. It is a hazing mind blackening event. The house is somewhat falling apart.

Now this event was stressful at first with the children. They expected that when they were awake, so should I. After a week, they got the picture and have learned to play quietly and have a snack on their own until mom is moving. My snacks for them are the crackers and peanut butter packs. Works well.

For all you puckers, live in envy :), I have only hurled once in all of my pregnancies. I am not a hurler. Slightly nausies from time to time, but no puking. All I do is SLEEP. In the past I have enjoyed the head aches, fatigue, constipation, all day nasuea, heartburn, you name it, just no puking.

My montra through the first trimester is from Michelle Duggar the Queen of pregnancy and delivery, "When I feel bad, it means good things are happening" and my reminder, this too will pass, it is just a season.

So I am counting down the weeks until this trimester ends and I will be revived.

I am a generally energetic mom with energy to amaze even my husband and the ambition to do so. The downfall is depression for me does not come from an event in my life, it comes from overwhelming exhaustion and still trying to meet the demands of daily life. I am know very aware and am learning to pick my energy using carefully and saying enough. My husband has stepped up to the challenge and I have not touched the washer and dryer in a month.

I will be back with you soon and if I am not, I am still sleeping.

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