Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spices! I can take those bottles anymore.

My spice cabinet has always been a space of uncontrol and clutter. All those bottles and containers of different sizes.
I got inspired by how pretty the farm chicks spice drawer was that I had to make mine pretty too.
I will say, I do like the eclectic look. I am having a hard time to display ecletic without clutter, so for now my house is clutter. I am beginning to understand that decluttering my house may be a several year adventure, before I get it to where I really want it. I do believe that it will be beautiful and cozy and darling.
So I have soooo much stuff, I was on a mission last night to use what I have. Hmm, what will I do? I have plenty of Mason jars and in the garage. I had left over half pint jars. So they were my first pick of coolness. I pulled all the spices and seasonings out of the cupboard and went to town organizing by volume. I did use some tupperware snack containers for my smaller stuff. I used wide mouth jars because they stack very easily.
So I scavangered the house for all my jars, yes I keep glass. I love glass jars and bottle. I keep spaghetti jars, pickle jars, applesauce, and jam. Oh, I have cherry jars and starbucks iced mocha jars, baby food jars, get the picture. SO the heart to heart I had with my self is, use what you have, it takes up space and you are saving it to use it.
I used white return labels from staples and a felt blue pen for my labels, nothing fancy. My handwritting has changed so much. My writting is now with intent all the time so show y children how to form letters. Then with sunday school for K5 and 1st graders, I make them trace verses, so I try to make sure I am writting properly for them, well it has carried over in my everyday life.
SO I started with a new garbage bag and whala, full of empty spice jars. By the time I was done from all those smells, I felt like I had went on a exotic adventure at my kitchen table.
So I love my cupboard. It looks so clean and uncluttered with it all in there. Just fresh! Send me a link to your spices.

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