Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hmm, where is that diet?

I know no postings of the food journals. Well I have not been on plan for a while. I am still journalling, but I am emberassed by it. I have not been eating much. No I am not starving myself. I usually pride myself in trying to eat as much as possible and still be under my points. Well, I am not sure what happened, prayer maybe, my stomach shrunk.

No not the belly fat, but the actual stomach. I get full instantly and I am good. So I have been nibbling all day long, but my calories are very little. So I might have shredded wheat (minis) 1 serving 3 points. So I eat one here and there, but just one serving for the whole day. A little yogurt for 2 points. Then the sandwich with whitewheat bread 2 slices, 1 point with oscar meat 1 point 4 slices. So I might eat that until 3 pm, so I would be at 7 points. Then I might have a yogurt again before dinner, now I am at 9 points. Well, then I have 16 points for dinner. Well I am just not hungry. So I will have the meal and eat a bunch of vegetables. Opps, I might have 4 to 10 points left. Not good. But I feel alright. Could be stress.

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  1. So are you losing any weight? I started back on WW last Monday, you inspire me what can i say. It always takes so much more work to do the right thing doesn't it. It is worth it though, i already feel so much better!