Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog junkie!

Hi, My name is Trish, and I am a blog junkie. Have been for about 9 months. No I am not actively keeping up with who is doing what on facebook. No, I come the neighbor hood of blogs, peaking through their windows to see what they are making.

What makes me think I am a blog junkie?
Well, how about the fact that it is 2:58 am and I am browsing through quilting blogs! Just added 4 new blogs to my favorites. On the computer, not blog. I will get them there soon.

So I lay in bed thinking about all the things I could be doing, not sleeping. SO I think, well let me check the upcoming sales. Jo-Anns is doing the 5 for $5 simplicity patterns, lets look at the simplicity patterns on sale. There we go into, lets look at the sewing blogs. Ewww, look at that quilt. Hmm, lets follow this lead. 10 blogs later! When is morning coming, I just want to sew!

Have I told you that I live in a 2 bedroom house with my 3 kids and husband. I sew in a corner of my bedroom. My husband often chases me to bed and tells me to sleep, for some reason he believes he can not sleep unless I am there. Ohh brother. So I have slipped out of my bed tonight to be here. Filling myself with inspiration and motivation to create. I want to inventory my fabrics to begin a first quilt in years. No, I have to wait until morning, ie, when he leaves to start. So by the time it comes along, I will be exhausted from combing the blogs.

Hmm, I will lay and wait for him to leave in the morning. Images of florals and gingham will dance through my head, free stitching with the feed dog down, whirling circles of joy. I have a good idea of the quilt that I am going to make. I hope to do it as a 6 week class.

Ohh I am rambiling. Oh, I also have another blog. Ohh, did I just say I have 2 blogs. yah! Well the other one is for my paper crafting and upcoming classes.

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