Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grocery deals 8-2-09

I made the rounds tonight, instead of Monday! Met a few couponers (hello, if you made it here! It was nice meeting you). You know, got to talk to anyone who doesn't ask for me to wipe there but and has a vocabulary larger than Sesame Street. Even if they are frantically walking away form me.

So I went to Walmart, CVS, and Publix in that order.
Eggo waffles, 1.50 each, $1/2 coupon, qty:2 for a total of $2
Kellog fruit snack, $2 each, $1/2 coupon, 2, total $3
Scrubbing Bubbles $2 each, $.75/1, 1, total $1.25

I am not listing them all but the good ones. I did find the 42 count flushable pull up wipes for $1.68, I used the $3/2 coupon and got 2 for $0.18 each! Yes you heard that right! Props to for that one.

The Swiffer Mop Jet starter kit was advertised as $18, I brought Tagets ad, where it was $17. But the store was selling it for $16.50, I then used a $2 off coupon and it has coupons totaling $5 .

Keebler stripped cookies are $1.99 in Target's ad and there is a $1/2 coupon. I had walmart compare prices from their $2.99 price and used the coupon, so they were $1.50 each.

Totals here were $64.43, out the door. I used $18.50 in coupons and had them price compare $2 off.

Betty Crocker's Warm delights 2/$3 and I had $.50/1 coupon, got 2 for a $1 each
Milk gallon, $2.79 plus Reward $1
Venus Razor $8.99 and a $2/1 coupon, so $6.99 with Reward $3

Now I am going back in and getting 4 more warm delights with my coupons and I am spending $0! I know, "why in the world would you buy these if you are on a diet?". Well folks, I do not eat them! I save them for care packages for sick friends. I little chocolate love, for whenever they need it.

Everything was purchased with a coupon, even the magazine.

Keebler 100 cal packs, BOGO 3.19,$1/2 coupon, $1.10 each
Yoplait trix yogurt packs, BOGO $2.87, $.4/1, $1.03 each
Fantastick Cleaner, BOGO 2.89, $.75/1, $1.25 each
Poptarts, BOGO 2.45, $1/2, $1.23 each
Kellogs Cereal Frosted Flakes, BOGO 3.99, $1/2, $1.50 each
Betty Crocker Brownies, BOGO $2.63, $.75/2, $.85 each

Total out the door $27.59, $12.10 coupons, Sales savings $34.14!

$104.43, more than usual, way more. but I got some real good stuff, treats that I never fill my house with and I probably will not be buying much more of them.

I need to go back to Publix for the BOGO on Nature Valley 24 ct at $5.49.
Winn-Dixie, Special K blueberry, BOGO 4.79, $1/1 coupon, $1.39 each
Dollar General! Kleenex 3 pack, $2.50, $.50/1, $2 each. (this s good, DG boxes are smaller, but the coupon shoud work)

Ouch, I am inching into my extra good stuff $$, I am going to keep it small next Sunday.

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