Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spaghetti on a diet?

Here it is, my darling husband, DH, has requested spaghetti tonight. I need to keep the points low. So I am using a can of sauce, a Qt jar of homemade sauce, Qt of whole tomatoes, and a pound of the $1 turkey from Walmart. I am making a huge pot of it, because I am heading to the Craft Super Show tomorrow, so this will be din-din tomorrow night.

Here is how I am calculating the points:

Homemade sauce - 24 oz - 0 points (I know,I made it, nothing but seasoning and tomatoes)

Qt of tomatoes - 18 oz - 0 points (18 oz, b/c I am draining them)

Hunts Sauce - 24 oz - 1 point (the entire can!)

Ground Turkey - 12 oz - 32 points (not all turkey is lean, but leaner than beef. 12 oz is an approximation for it being cooked down)

So all this should come to 80 oz, making it 20 cups of sauce.

1 cup of sauce = 1.5 points

1 cup of pasta = 4 points

So I will probably have this as 2 cps sauce, 1 cup of pasta for a total of 7 points. I might have a salad to go with it.

What are you haveing for din-din?

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