Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ohh, I just have to gush about a great 2 days! We had a ton of people walk through our doors with a lot of fellow crafters and croppers walkin' out with a heck of a deal! Especially thanks to the one and only Tracy C!

Oh, we started Friday at NOON at the good ol' Rebekah Lodge!, cropped our way to MIDNIGHT! Got up and did the same on Saturday! We were delirious and happy by the end.

WOW though we had a great time. I got a lot of Christmas scrapbook pages laid out! Am a shame to say they are not complete but sometimes scrappin' is a 2 phase project: ay the pictures out! and then embellish and journal. I did run through a lot of ink in the printer with the pictures. I guess I should not have waited to do 3 years in one sitting.

We have a new scrapper that joined the obsessed club today! Erica W. cropped for the first time on Friday with the entent of coming for 4 hours! She ended the weekend with about 20 hours clocked in! She is not the typical newbies either! Her layouts and color cordination is out of this world! No training was required with this one! She did need a few titorials on the cricut (which I am sure she will be owning one by the end of a year!)

Talk about the ability of having everything together by having everyone together! Newbie Cropper came to her first crop with a laptop and package of photos in an oversized purse. She left this weekend with paper, snail glue, glue sticks, GOREGIOUS FINISHED PAGES, scraps, photos organized, and a cute scrappin bag! As if she always and always will be a scrappin' goddess with change in her pocket. The sale and swap part of the crop was awesome. You got to pick through eachothers unwanteds, by a new table for your over crowded space (well it would help if I didn't have to play tetrus in the cavalier to bring everything). I mean, heck of the deals were had! Tastefully simple even was available, thanks to Shelli H., at a unheard of discount.

Oh, did I tell you how I gained a few pounds thanks to the LOVELIES at Dunkin Donuts and Hungry Howies! TOO MUCH FUN!

Hopefully Miss Shelli H. will send a few pics my way, so I can give you a taste of the fun!
Next time you will have to join us or a least stop in for a good chuckles and some great sighes.

The next open one will be the 4H crop that will benefit the local 4H clubs. Get your registrations ready because seata are limited to 30 and they are filling! Go to my calendar to get more info!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I've gotta put something like this together!! =D