Thursday, January 15, 2009

Midnight Pj Party is a Week from tomorrow!!!

It's time to through your pjs on, put the kids to bed and come play! Next Friday Night, January 23rd, 9pm to midnight!

You get to make all this for $15! Please bring your snail glue and snippers, if you can! You can also get the class for free, by buying the Love You Much Bundle!!!

So Here is a run down on what we are making!!!

Get ready for valentines with the little sweeties!!! We are making 2 different love notes with a box to put them in! - take this idea home and let the little ones make their own for class and put them in the box for safe keeping!

Next!!! Making Mister his little valentines gift bag full oh his favorite candy! I know ladies, we are not making it to fit us, well his second favorite candy! Well and you can always give it to your best friend, since they never forget our birthdays!

Can we say "CANDY" "GIVE ME THE CANDY"!!! Maybe this year the kiddos won't do a card, but instead do personal candy treats! Check these out!! Ohhh, How cute!

Oh, Don't forget the Cards! We should make atleast one full size card, for the honey!

All our projects are using the LOVE YOU MUCH BUNDLE! And to give you a hint at some of the prizes, here is one! I got thsat Regionals and love it, so I figured I can share it with you!

Alright, I can't wait to see you there! My class is limited to the first 6! But if, I get 4 or more on the waiting list, I will have the class again the following Tuesday or Thursday Night. Shoot me an email!
Check out the bundle at


  1. I'll be there!! I can't wait - were going to have so much FUN!!! Do I have to wear PJ's?

  2. Sounds like so much fun!! Wish I lived near you and could come! All those projects look great! =D