Monday, December 15, 2008

The new craft sancuary!

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! I am about to go crazy! Our small house (2 bedroom, 1 bath with 3 children house) is a bit limited for space. Being the crafter I am since birth, this poses many challenges.

I started by stringing my stuff all over the house, then I tried moving it to the garage! No LUCK! Nothing worked, my stuff was getting scattered and unkept. SO being the obsessed crafter I am. I chose sanctuary over the only walk in closet in the house. So I have a lot less in clothing, but I can tell you after a hasty set up, it is worth it.

My crafting sanctuary is 52 inches by 70 inches. You feeling smushed yet? So stand on a few 12"x12" tiles and realize that is less than 5 tiles wide by 6 tiles. It does have a window and shelves.

I started with an old kitchen table that only had about an inch to spare on the side. I had an old shelf that came with the house, perfect for my cricut. I found a small spot for an old encyclopedia book shelf, rolled in an office chair and I WAS READY TO CRAFT!

I will have to install a security gate! I have an intruder sneaking in. I have high hopes. I plan to fit all my scrapbooking, stamping, Cricut parifanalia in. I also have plans for a few drawers on wheels to hold my sewing machines. I am moving all my fabric in. I still need to find a spot for my yarn. I also am ready to move the beading in! High expectations. I am blessed with ONE electrical outlet.

I got in there today! I worked on 3 scrapbook pages and covered 2 chipboard albums. I have a laundry list to get done by this weekend.

1. Wedding gift: Mini Album & to candles.
2. Christmas gifts: Calendars, album, cards.

I am so excited! I can not wait to show off all my creations. I would hate to overload you at once! Now that I have space of my own from the caious of my life.

Fewer clothes doesn't matter anyway. I would have to get out of my pjs to wear them. ANd I try not to have to do that!

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