Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here are my deals for my family this week!

Progresso Soup: Buy 1, get 1 free, plus go to http://www.progressosoup.com/ and print out the coupons. You can get up to 6 cans of soup for 75 cents each!
Chex Mix: Buy 4 boxes for $6 with member card. But then include 2 coupons from the coupons online, so that is $1 off 2 boxes. You will get the 4 boxes for $1 each.

These are good deals for us because, progresso is my favorite for lunch. I am going to use the chex for raindeer food and include it in our cookies for the holidays.

We got out of Walmart for the week for $70! WOW! I still have to go to winn-dixie, so I will add another $8.50. This leaves me about $50 for a few last gifts I need to pick up. I am leaving cushion, I might have to pick up a can of formula.

My goal after Christmas is to try and have about $10 left each week to put in a Christmas account at the bank. I want to also try and have a little left to put aside for a set of bunk beds. Currently the bunk bed stash is $0! We will get there. My 4 year old is willing to go without pop-tarts and McDonalds to help save for the beds.

Coupons to look for:
progresso, white cloud toilet paper

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