Monday, April 29, 2013

Alpha omega lifepac - week 2

Hmm, all the reviews say it takes 45 minutes for the whole days worth of work. Then why is it 5 pm and we only have 1 book done for the 5 to do. I am only assigning 3 pages each day. It is the rooster. Getting him to calm down for the day is just an all day affair. With that said, I look forward to the days that we can sail through. Our core and get right onto enrichment.

Now That the week is over, I feel exhausted. At week 2, the biggest eye opener is: I am thankful to have a well laid out curriculum, because our self discipline, more like my kids is showing its self. My goal is to push through this and still stay moderately on schedule. I feel like this is just learning a new routine, plus I changed the house around, giving them a permanent workplace. So I am sure their little minds are still whirling.

As always it is the Rooster that is the anchor in our day. He gets me so focused on him, that my worm goes off on a bunny trail in her head and she too, is no longer getting anything accomplished. I am questioning anyone with energized 7yr olds, is your kid like this? Wy, yes, yes they are. I am trying to keep in mind that this is just a season, he will grow into an amazing young man.

We gave our homeschooling a "on the go" test, since it is so bragged about that it is transportable for errands. So with a doctors appointment for the baby on Wednesday and a dentist appointment for everyone with teeth on Thursday, we gave it a try. The second grade work, was easy enough to do. The first grader needed me at his side to do his work. So we are not at home, maintaining a watchful eye on my other children, while waiting for our appointment. Hmm, first grade work did not work out so good. By Thursday, I decided not to focus on it. So we hit the library.

Spoon feeding the Rooster is getting the best of me. Being the mom I am, and wanting to do everything from cover to cover, I must let go a bit. There is a large chunk of this book that is really a review or tying up loose ends for Rooster. As always, here I am trying to do every itty bitty activity with him, dragging our day on and on. I decided to keep the conversation to the page work and skip the activities. If he does poorly on a self test, then we can come back for the activities. This should shorten our day and keep us from burning out with each other.

I love the awesome journals, are they performing accurately, whelp, not at this age. I still like them for recording grades, but I need something in addition to them to keep up with and my eyes open to what the kids will be working on and if they are staying caught up. So I am looking for better mommy planning.

I hate that I feel that we are on a delicate schedule with very little wiggle room. I am still contemplating how we will handle our end of the portfolio. I was reminded that I can relax, but the mommy in me is still concerned. It is possible that I might only submit in our portfolio the work we complete in the lifepac series. Thankfully, we are working this school year to the end of August.

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