Monday, August 9, 2010

I am still here

Alright, maybe just have 4 small children makes you too busy!  Or it could be coming off the most amazing scrapbook weekend ever.  I have lots to share with you, but I am not ready to do it.

I still have my give-away winner to announce, but I will do that tomorrow.

I have a summary to finish about last week’s home school lesson.

And about a few other thoughts. And my next give away.

But until then, I will leave you with this little parody that I wrote and sang about scrapbooking.  I will warn you, I am not the best singer, but I make up for it with wit.


I hope you love it.  I promise, this is at a scrapbook weekend.  It was a 48 hour party really, under the cover of scrapbooking.  As a mom, this is the best kind of get away.  This is my first away from home scrapbook event.  I am thankful to be able to get the much needed adult time with other moms.  And this scrapbook weekend, happened to have a DJ playing old school MTV videos and did Karaoke in the evening.  How cool is that?


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