Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Give away #1 – Winner!

HUGE, I am Sorry!  I was suppose to post this yesterday.  I hope I didn’t keep someone on the edge of her internet modem. 


Yesterday just ran right by me.  I was up by 6 am and I was kicked out of the house by my darling husband, so that I can have a quiet breakfast out by myself!  Huge love to my husband.  I am one of those bazaar people that love to eat by myself.  It is not because I want no one to chronicle the amount I eat (which that isn’t a bad reason), I just love the peacefulness.  I really developed this love when I was in college and always eating by myself, before then I wouldn’t think to eat by myself, unless I was a loser! 

Back on pace!  My day literally went like this: Up, breakfast, dentist – fillings, home school, lunch, podcast searching, treadmill, clean kitchen, dinner, clean up, shower somewhere in there, and then in bed. I can’t wait to tell you all about my new love of podcasting.  I think I can see that in my future.

Back to the give away!  I think we had a few problems with the criteria! 

A recap! 

1. Make sure you are a subscriber/follower.  Just push the little button to the right.

2. Then comment on the post.  This way I can connect the follower to the commenter.  If you do this backwards, come back and comment again so I know.

3.  Now you are entered in to win.

4. If you then link it to facebook (with that little “f” at the bottom of the post).  Come back to the post and comment that you facebooked the post.  Not comment me on facebook.  Because really, when it is time to pick the winner, I am only looking on the post.  I am a mom of 4, so I am not going all over to find out.


the winner is: Skycu4

Stayed tune for the next giveaway!

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