Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nursing cover



A recent friend I met was sporting one of these nursing covers.  Now being on my 4th child and had nursed all the others, I never used a nursing cover before.  I have seen them, but I really did not have an interest in them for several reasons. First, all the ones I had seen were very bulks and it was almost like putting on another garment.  Second, I did not feel in need of one, because I am really good at maintaining cover and wearing my clothes and positioning the baby so nothing was in view.

I am not sure if it is now that I am older or that I have too much whirl-winding around me with the younger ones, but I wanted a cover.  I guess, I am just too tired to put up with the effort of trying to conceal myself from the public and it is easier to just cover.  The nice part about the cover, is that you do not need all those fancy tops to wear.

I was really excited to hop on the tutorial, here:

The nice addition that makes this easy to use is the boning at the top, that gives the cover a tent like shape.  Thus, allowing you to peak in with out lifting the cover, also, helps air flow.  BECAUSE NURSING MAKES YOU HOT!


Now the young lady in the pictures is my very young sister in law.  I had to take advantage of her holding #4 and I went a head and used her as my model.  I am getting a little bit  reluctant to allow my darling husband to take any more horrible pictures of me.  I truly believe he does it intentionally.


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