Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new routine for my kitchen.

   So I have been using FlyLAdy to build a new routine to clean with. Who am I kidding.  I hate to clean, I am building my first routine of keeping house.  I hate to keep house.  I work so hard and it feels like I am running in circles and getting nothing accomplished.  Well, I decided to try FlyLady. Well, my kitchen is very quickly coming together pretty and clean.DSC06522 

Just to recap, I did clean my sink on the first day, but this was my counters.  And there was nothing special about that day, this was my counters everyday.

DSC06519 DSC06520


I promise that I did not move things around the room to make it look good.  Here is another day and the entire kitchen.DSC06570DSC06571

suddenly, my kitchen is feeling spacious.  I take up the whole counter when I make dinner now, because I have the entire counter to use.  I am not getting stressed when the kids bring their bowls to the sink, because there is space to put them.  So what if food gets on the counter, I am going to clean it off no matter what. 

What I am liking about FLY LADY:

First, it is not “go clean your house and then keep it up”.  Her way is start a routine a little at a time and before you know it, your house will be sparkling.  My attitude has always been to exhaust myself and scream as I would try and deep clean a cluttered house, then be exhausted and never keep it up or get back to it.

Second, you start with manageable accomplishments and somehow I always do a little more.

Third, I have been working hard but the good kind of hard.  I put in 100% and got 100% accomplished. Usually, I feel like I put 100% towards my goals and got 10% accomplished because I was moving with no direction and just mostly chasing my tail everyday around this house.

And forth, I like the smell of bleach and never knew it. I can’t believe how good my reflection looks in my sink. I didn’t know a toilet could be pretty. I love the look of shock when my husband comes home.



  1. Trish the kitchen looks great and i think u r doing a great job. love SIL

  2. Hi,
    I came to your blog through the MFW Blog Roll.

    I love FlyLady! I am NOT a B.O. ( born organized) person.She has blessed me so much! Bravo to you for showing the pictures of before, I thought surely I was the only one who had counter tops that looked that way. :)

  3. Hi, Trish. I found you over on the MFW Blog Roll, and I plan to follow you now. :^) I hope you can stop on over at my place, too: