Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homes-cool tidbits

I am really enjoying the My Father’s World curriculum. I have read about a few moms that are adding this or that to strengthen the study for their youngster.  At this point, I have no desire to add to it.  It is a good strong program that is not consumed in busy-ness.

The one thing I do think it lacks for our situation is writing. Mostly because I have a soon to be 6 year old doing kindergarten, because of where her birthday fell.  So I really want to have her active in writing daily.  So I got a great writing table from Staples.  And I have her write the day of the week, the date, her name, her phone number, and the letter we are learning that week.  I am also doing this as a way to teach her the days of the week and her phone number.  When she masters her phone number, we will move to the address.


Now I do not want it to be overbearing, SO I write everything with a highlighter and then she just traces it.  Sometimes I put dots at where to start for each letter.


Next, we keep all the library books in a basket.  This helps us from loosing them and accruing big bills at the library.


We have a lot going on this week.  One is that #2’s speech therapy will start again 2 times a week and we have a doctors appointment on a different day.  SO I decided that we would take the week off and resume next week.  So do not be surprised when you do not see a summary just yet.

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