Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Potty Chair on the go.


This is our beloved potty chair.  I got it for under $5 at ikea.  I thought when putting a potty chair in my van that it is a common thing to ride with.  I was shocked that, no, not very many mommys are riding around with a potty chair.

I put our potty chair in a couple of years ago.  A small inconvenience about potty trained children is their tiny bladders at the most inconvenient times.  So I put a chair in the van and away we went.  I keep wipes in the van and water to give it a good clean after each use.  I can not tell you how many times and where it has been used.

My favorite it my son.  He does not like the auto flushing toilets at walmart.  One time, he refused.  So once we got to the van, he pulled the potty chair out, set it in the parking lot on the yellow parking line and relaxed for his 15 minute movement.  Ahh, I realized this is just mommy-hood.  I sat at the edge of the van  with the door open watching my son on the potty having a movement and watching people coming and going.  Thankfully, we had a car parked next to us, so noone really could see him. UNTIL!  A car pulled in to park across from us.  I thought she was going to need the chair, she almost peed herself, laughing so hard.

So our green potty is always in the van.  And I am excited to have #3 using it on our trips to the lake.  She is still wearing a diaper, but her daddy invited her to use it after her sister was done with it.  Of course, sitting under a nice oak, is a nice place to relax.



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