Friday, March 12, 2010

Hair Bows

Now, I first seen the cute adorable hair bows at a craft show.  I love them!  But I can’t afford to get everyone I want for the girls.  I have tried to recreate them, with little success.  I finally got on to a new method with felt and cross-stitching.  They are beautiful, but a lot of work.  So I have only finished 1 set.  I decided I was going to get it together and make several hair bows to be ready for kindergarten.  The tool to success in making hair bows is the hot glue gun.

So today, I need some sitting time to give this poor prego body some rest.  So I made this!


I needed to make a frame to keep them together, otherwise my time would have been needlessly spent.  I made 2 with the clasping clip, brown ruffle with the pink middle and the green, blue, and brown ruffle.  I then used the snap clips for the rest.  You can get the snap clasp at wal-mart for about $2 for 10, but the best deal is using a coupon and getting them from Jo-Ann’s.  They are in the quilting  section and you can get about 30 for $3.  I like these the best, because they are larger and not already decorated.

The glittery one is made from felt, using a sizzix die cut.  I used Elmore's glue to add the glitter to the edges.  Now this was too much work and very messy.  Thus, why there is only one.  I used a brad to bring it together.

My next set of clips, was after I found the stash of flowers.  My #1 loves purple.  So I used ribbon to cover the clips and then I layered the flowers.  The sunflower is using a Stampin’ Up corduroy brad.

From there, I found the stash of stray ribbons.  I will say it was most relaxing with my little glue gun going to town.  I probably could handle a blog crawl to get some other inspiration for creating them.  I am excited to have a small loot of them ready.  I need to make a set for both girls for Easter and figure out their dresses. 

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