Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bunny Cup Cakes

I have to say I was inspired by the March All You Magazine.  I only grabbed it to add to my coupon resources.  Well, tomorrow is #1’s Easter party and I jumped at the chance to make the cupcakes.  Probably more effort than I should be exerting right now, when I have so much else to do.  Drum roll please…….


Here is the stash!


I used marshmallows cut in half with sugar sprinkles.  Chocolate chips for the eyes.  M&Ms for the nose.  Pretzels for the whiskers.   MIni marshmallows for the cheeks.  My only downfall was that I used fluffy icing.  I have a fear that this stuff is not going to harden up.  So I am nervous that the face will stay in tack.  We will find out!


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