Friday, March 26, 2010

Bento 18


It was pizza Friday, but I was in luck that chicken nuggets would do!  I am excited that these nuggets are from my mega buy at Publix.  So she  had 4 nuggets, 2 cheese crackers, carrots (from the garden), ranch dressing, strawberries, and a swedish fish.

I felt like I was light on the lunch, but I had to keep in mind that it was their Easter party day.  So those little bunny cupcakes was on her menu later. – Everything was eaten.

I did investigate a new bento maker’s style.  Of course, I snuck into her lunch and took pictures.


This was her snack style, since her daughter was having the pizza.    She is using little ice cream cones as holders for the pretzels.

Do you love her use of Easter egg containers?  I love it!  Here is a better picture of the bunny filled with pickles!.


I believe her older daughter is now requesting a bento style lunch too.


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