Friday, September 4, 2009

Little scissors, little snips

So #1 is almost 5. Is there some kind of right of passage that a little girl must trim her own hair?

I do the cutting in my house for all of the kids hair. I do a decent job, for having no haircutting training. My son has a cool faux mohawk that is hidden and then spiked for fun. My daughter gets a nice little bang trim and then the back is cut for dead ends and a little shape.

Now I noticed it about a week ago. The bangs! Jagged. Oh, I know it could be worst. I remember my own right of trimming passage, most of the accounts. At here age I trimmed one side of my head and my dolls, mostly to hide my own hair. Then again in High school because for some reason, may have been a regional thing, it was cool for the girls to have the bottom half inch of their hairline from ear to ear to be cut short or shaved. Looking back, eww.

SO here we are, #1 was graduated to the scissors can cut more than paper phase of parent hood. It is amazing we did not get there sooner, but here we are. Thankfully it all grows back.

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  1. I remember when I did the same thing. BUT I did so much more damage. I cut mine almost to the scalp. Mom was so proud!