Sunday, August 2, 2009

Food Journal - Day 3 &4

I hope you canmake this out. Day 3 was the day we went to the CHA expo in Orlando. I did well on it. I made a back up sandwhich, 2 slices white wheat (1 point) and 2 slices oscar myers sub meat pack from sams (1point) and mustard. A good fill for 2 points. So I had my coffee, forgot breakfast as I drove the 2 hours. Everyone wanted to eat McDonalds. I got a diet coke and pulled out my 2 point sandwich. NO SHAME IN LOW CALories. Had a 100 calorie snack pack in the expo. Then we went to earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. I ate theCobb salad and 1/2 soup. I have no idea the values on those and they were probably not the best choice, but I felt comfortable that they were a good choice.

Now this is why I do not use my extra 35 points each week. I know I will end up in a situation that I will not be able to calc th points. So I try to eat low for the other parts of the day and then know my 35will buffer anything I go over.

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