Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planning your shopping trips!

Usually before I take my adventure in grocery shopping, I plan my list and an approximate price for each item. By paying attention to what things cost and writing the cost down on my list every week has given me the ability to do a very good job approximating my total bill.

Well, my goal is to buy the most economical. Economical is the lowest cost for unit with a quantity that is reasonable to store and use within the expiration date. So, I do not want to buy 400 dozen eggs, just because I can get them for $0.50. Or I do not want to buy 25# bag of flour, if I have no reason to use it in 2 months or a reasonable place to store it.

Okay, focus! It is easy to know the price on the advertised adds, but what about the rest? I have stayed clear of Sam's Club for close to a year, because I would either buy everything there and spend $200 or buy nothing from there. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. So I found an alternative. I make my list as usual and then I go to Sam's website to get grocery prices. Believe it or not, Sam's list the true price of each grocery item, even produce. So I go to Wal-mart first and if they can beat the Sam's price then I get it there, otherwise I pick it up at Sam's.

So check out your local warehouse club to see if they list their bulk prices. It may cost you a little more the first 2 weeks, but consider it investing in your pantry. Beware, only bulk up on you staples, not luxury groceries.

Have a great day!

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