Monday, June 1, 2009


I am always looking for an easy and good cookie recipe. Qualifications for easy, one bowl only. I do not like to use 2 bowls, because it means more dishes. I do like using my electric mixer, preferrably the hand mixer (it takes less work to get out, use and clean up than the kitchen aid) it makes me feel good to use power tolls, arggh, arggh, arr. (Think of Tim Allen in Tool Time).

So in my searches, I found a great drop cookie recipe in one of my DH old cookbook, of course that became mine in the marrage contract!

The cook book is:

Better Homes and Gardens NEW COOK BOOK 10th Edition 1993

p. 240

Drop Cookies

1/4 c shortening

1/4 c butter

1 c flour

1/2 c sugar

1/4 c brown sugar

1 egg

1 t vanilla

1/ t baking soda

mix on med-high the shortening and butter

add 1/2 the flour and the everything else. beat till thoroughly mixed.

here I added 1/3 unsweetened cocoa powder and 1/4 c milk

Beat in remaining flour.

Then I added 2 handfulls of chopped pecans.

Drop (I used 2 tablespoons, one to scoop and the other to scrape it off) about 2 inches apart on greased cookie sheets

Bake 375 for -10 minutes. Let cool on cookie sheet for 1 minute (they are soft). then move to wire rack.

Now this makes only about 30 cookies, in my house, will only last 2 1/4 days. Next time, I will double the batch. Also, I think I might add in coconut. The basic recipe is above and you can customize it any way you like. Just add a little of what you like. Mmm, peanut butter!

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