Monday, May 25, 2009

Groceries for the week!

I will admit, I did decide to skip Publix until tomorrow. So my initial grocery trip was first Winn Dixie and then to Walmart.

Winn Dixie

Now this is the first time that I was using the method that I learned from Kim F. about her couponing process. So I took my list and all my coupons (uncut) and went to town searching for my megadeals. It was a bit of a challenge to put it lightly, mostly because of my ungraceful awkwardness with pushing the double decker cart, clipboard, calculator, and pen. After a few isles, I had it somewhat under control. I tore the coupons out as I put the items in the basket and stuck them in my pocket. I added the cost on the calculator with the coupon discount (so I could track what I was spending). So I did my shopping, made a few alterations to my list (adding and subtracting). I got to the end and went to the check out lane. Weww!

Things to keep in mind at Winn-Dixie! Those $10 off a $50 purchase is $50 before coupons! Woo hoo hoo! Check this out, we are going to have some fun! My totals were!

Spent (the money that came out of my pocket!) $32.89
Winn Dixie Savings (Reward Card coupon, sales) $53.94
My printer coupons that I linked in the other post: $20.00
Total money saved!!!! $73.94

So I got a little over $100 in groceries with only $32.89 out of my pocket. Now $6 of that was some crystal light, I bought for my mom. See I didn't need it, but I had the coupons. I needed to get to $50 to use the $10 coupon, so I gave it away (so to speak).

Man, I am looking around. I thought the balloons were going to start fall from the ceiling, some confetti! But really no one gave a hoot that I just won the coupon lottery and got paid for buying BBQ sauce. But the lady behind me was having a look of shock at my the numbers. Whatever, my pantry is being stocked for pennies. And I walked out with another $10 coupon for $50!

On to the next store.

This was just to pick up what wasn't cost effective at Winn-Dixie. My cash always feel the safest at Walmart, because for the most part, without trying, I will get a better cost on products I need, as long as you do not get sucked into the other departments. If you have no control, never step foot out of Grocer side or go some where else.

I did run into a young family there, that allowed me to share my know-all of being frugal in the isles. Their education experiences shocked me that this little bit of VERY IMPORTANT information might not be known to everyone. So here we go!

Price labels on the shelves.
You know when you are comparing the prices of a couple of different items, you are seeing the big price number $2.99, $3.99 what have yah. Well if you look closely, you see a smaller number. This smaller number is extremely important, the unit price. That smaller number might say 25.4 cents (that is the line through the c)per ounce. Well this tells you how much you are actually paying for the product, so you can compare apples to apples. Here is my example:

Bag of rice. You are debating between 2 sizes and brands.
Brand A (14 oz bag) for $0.99
the unit price (the little number on the tag) 0.07 per ounce

Brand B (18 oz bag) for $1.15
the unit price 0.06 per ounce

So at first look, you might think hey Brand a is under a buck, Good Deal. But the real deal is the Brand B, because for every ounce you get, you are paying less.

Now be careful! BIGGER IS NOT BETTER! Walmart sugar, 5 pound bag is 2, $0.40 a pound. Well if you buy in the next bag up, it is about $ 0.60 a pound!

My friends check the unit cost on the labels!

Back to my bragging session, my blog, about me!

Walmart grocery bill: $32.84

Budgeted splurges! My budget gives me guilt free spending, because I know how much I have to spend, I plan my menus around what is on sale and what is in my pantry and anything left over is mine to do the other things that are needed (i.e., clothes, recreation, fast food, decorating, homeschool, christmas gifts)

My splurge was on:
6 rubber totes at $3 each (68Qt size) on clearance for a total of $18
I am using them to store my children's clothes at a friends house. So I wanted to get nice ones that match and in excellent condition, so I won't clutter or disgrace her surroundings.

8 ft kiddie pool at $20.
I had contiplated having a large above ground pool. I had a nice 18 foot one given to us and it only needs a liner, that is about $100. I then sat back excitedly, telling an uncle about the joy the kids and I are going to have with it. He then began to describe the amount of work and it's cost to maintain, approximately $150 a month. WOOOOO NELLY!!!! SAY WHAT! I AM NOT GIVING UP $35 a week from my $150 spending allowance to a WATER BUCKET! Like I need to spend that much time with a pool, when I have just conquered my laundry for the first time. NO no NO, that is NOT going to happen to this momma! $20 bucks for a dang 8 foot pool that I am going to throw away in October, HECK OF A DEAL! LOL!!

Alphabet place matt and washable crayons $3.97
this one goes under homeschool! It is the lamenated place mats. I then got the washable crayons that have the easy grip triangle shape. This helps #1 grip it the best for her little hands as she learns to identify and write the alphabet. The matt will be used for the kids (excellent resource for a $1). The crayons will be stored separately, so they will not get mixed up in the crayon box. These crayons are the washable, thus costing more. At the begining of the school year is when I pick up a ton of Crayola boxes for $0.20 for 24. Because I love new crayons with perfect tips.

Tonights grocery total: $65.73
Budgeted "resources" (i.e. all others) $44.91

Publix will be approximately $18!

I hope you enjoy. My next shopping list will be out about Thursday or Friday!

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