Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have no idea! I was here or was I there? I have sewn myself into the sewing machine! I took a break from paper and got totally addicted to sewing again! Since I last spoke to you I have:

> made an outfit for K and C!
> Made 2 slings and 2 baby wraps!
> Made a special apron (see below)
> Made myself 2 shirts!

WHEEEEW! I have been busy! I am loving it. I am in the midst of teaching others to sew! Loving it!

Oh I hit an awesome open house! The ECHO in fort myers! It is a christian seed bank that test different terrians for growing. They use this information to help the missionaries teach locals better crop production for their food and income possibilities. LOVED IT! I picked up a peach tree and a mulberry! Check it out:

So I am off gardening!

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